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MC+A is an Elastic Advanced Partner, meaning our expert consultants will save you time, resources by helping you avoid implementation missteps with our best practice approach to designing and implementing efficient and scalable data processing and search architectures.

Elastic Stack Experts. Focused on Delivering Business Value

We develop solutions on established platforms and integrate them into any content system. Our integrations will help you reduce the friction between technology and its users. Explore our platforms and know the value of connecting systems.

Delivering search for any use case.

Elastic Workplace Search

Elastic Workplace Search

Knowledge workers need access to data to be effective. Unify your content platforms into a personalized search experience for your knowledge workers.

Elastic App Search

Elastic App Search

Leverage the Elasticsearch in your app. It is a refined set of APIs and dashboards that provide tunable relevance controls and robust analytics.

Elastic Site Search

Elastic Site Search

SaaS website search with the features you need to create an impactful search experience on your website.

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