Elasticsearch Consulting Delivered

Leave your Elasticsearch needs to an Elastic Elite SI Partner.  We can provide a nearshore team based in Santiago, Chile in as little as two weeks. We are happy to discuss how to optimize your Elasticsearch solution with our nearshore delivery team with a free 1-hour phone consultation.  

Flexible Engagement Models

We can supply you with the necessary resources for a particular project or take over the management and operations of your Elasticsearch platform.  Our team comes packed with commercial connectors, existing blueprints, and deep ties with Elastic as a company.  

An Implementation Partner You Can Trust.

Working with MC+A ensures your Elasticsearch Implementation arrives on time and to specification. Our consultative approach to Elasticsearch implementations focuses on solving business issues and providing measurable value.

Elastic Elite Partner Badger

Trusted Elasticsearch Partner for Global Brands

We partner with global brands to conceive and build intelligence experiences powered by Elastic Search.

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Elastic Enterprise Search. Powering Intelligence Experiences

Work with MC+A to implement powerful, intelligent search experiences for your team. We can implement Elasticsearch for any business use case from adding a pre-tuned search to your website or app to a fully integrated intelligent workplace.

Elastic Workplace Search

Workplace Search

Boost your team’s productivity by unifying all your content silos into an intelligence search experience. Elastic Workplace Search helps knowledge workers get to the information they need faster.

Elastic App Search

App Search

Leverage the Elasticsearch in your app. App Search provides a refined set of developer-friendly APIs and business-friendly dashboards that provide tunable relevance controls and robust analytics.

Elastic Site Search

Site Search

Elastic Site Search (formerly Swiftype Site Search) provides all the tools your business needs to build a powerful website search solution without the learning curve.